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Same Day Wheel Service Available

We have the equipment to complete the job in one day!

Media Blasting

We have an in-house sandblasting room that measures 18’L by 10’W by 7’H, making us a convenient one-stop shop. Sandblasting is the removal of rust, paint, and other finishes. This is a necessary surface preparation step to ensure a quality and durable powder coating finish. We’re equipped to handle sandblasting for small and large jobs.

Powder Coating

Powder coating is a method of using a completely dry finishing process on a wide range of materials and products. It is composed of finely grounded particles of resin and pigments that are electrostatically charged and sprayed onto the parts to be coated. The parts are electrically grounded so that the charged particles adhere to them until melted and fused into a smooth and solid coating in a curing oven. The result is a high-quality, durable and long lasting finish.

Items that can be powder coated consist of railings, patio furniture, automotive parts, motorcycle parts, ATV parts, etc. All parts must fit into a 24’L by 7 1/2’W by 7 1/2’H oven. We offer a wide variety of colors and finishes. These include gloss, semi-gloss, candy colors and two toning.

*Outgassing can occur in cast metals. During the curing process, these gases can bubble up through the coated surface causing imperfections on the finished surface. We do our best to prevent this from happening, but unfortunately it is not always preventable.

Color Charts

We have essentials, metallic and special effects, 38 series (super durables) and RAL colors available.


For your conveniece, we have an in-house tire machine and tire balancer. We know its hard to be without your car so we offer same day service for powder coating rims. Drop your vehicle off in the morning and pick up the finished product in the evening!